In a world cursed with darkness, only your light remains.

You are left with just one hope: Reaching the Mirror of Light at the bottom of a sinister forest.

But be wary of the dark beings that lurk within the forest... If your light goes out, all hope is lost.


HOPE is a casual web browser artgame in which you play as a Being of Light, floating through darkness in search of a way to bring light back to your world. The gameplay is simple: There are enemies that will weaken your light you when you collide with them, and friendly objects that will strenghten your light when you pick them up. If your light is fully extinguished by the enemies, you will die and the game will end. Winning the game is achieved by reaching the bottom of the level without dying.


This is a small game level prototype made for the course TDP4168 Game Design at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology.

It was made by Camilla Dahlstrøm and Karoline Rye Finckenhagen.

Thanks for playing!

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